For your Birthday, I suggest you make an Herbalife order with the same discount as me, means 50%.

50% discount on your Herbalife order !
It is a Gift that I reserve for you exclusively for 10 days from your birthday.
Here is how it goes :
1. You go to the usual myherbalife site to place an order, but instead of paying for it, you click on pay by Bank Transfer.
2. You write me an email to tell me that you have placed an Order with Herbalife and you wait. (if you want you can forward me the email Herbalife sent you). Here is my email address:
3. You will receive an email from me. I tell you the new amount of your order + I add 10 francs for customs clearance costs.
If you like it : Then you pay me for the order. Bank references will be indicated on the email.
Or by paypal, as you want (I prefer the bank transfer). My paypal address is the same:
If you don't like it : You do nothing and this order if it is not paid will be canceled for lack of payment
If you have any questions, write me an email and if you want an interview, we can zoom in.
PAYEMENT POSSIBLE PAR Carte, Paypal + Virement Bancaire Visa Mastercard PayPal